Driver Attacks Pro-Palestine Rally in Minneapolis

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Pro-Palestine Protest Attacked in Minneapolis: An older white man drove his vehicle through into protesters and brandished both a box cutter and a knife on Sunday afternoon.

There were about 1000-2000 people at the rally before this happened. Chants heard included "Free Palestine", and "Up with Palestine, down with occupation", calling an end to the Israeli occupation and "genocide" of the Palestinian people.

Full story: https://unicornriot.ninja/2023..../pro-palestine-prote

The man first threatened protesters with a box cutter and later with a knife, said witnesses on the ground and a protest marshal. Video of the man brandishing the knife can be seen below. Some protesters hit the man’s car in response. At least one person had their foot run over and another has bruised ribs from the car attack. No other injuries were publicly reported.

“It was scary, honestly, because there have been protests where people run through the crowd with their vehicles and people, like ended up dying. And then knowing he was armed, like a part of me wanted to run away. But a part of me was like trying to assist everyone else in like stopping this car from causing more harm too because there’s children here. There’s families here." Raqiya Mohamed told MPR News

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