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Nickelodeon Saturday Morning Cartoons | 2001 | Full Episodes with Commercials

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Orange ya glad you got your Nickelodeon? Enjoy some of Nickelodeon鈥檚 best circa 2001! 馃А (Slime Not Included)

#nickelodeon #saturdaymorningcartoons #bootleg

This is a compilation video I put together using footage of commercials and episodes from shows that played on Saturday mornings on Nickelodeon in the early 00's. It is based off schedules from the year 2001 for Saturday mornings on Nickelodeon. Certain shows (like Hey Arnold!, The Fairly OddParents, and Invader Zim to name a few) can't be used for copyright reasons. These shows were substituted with other great cartoons and shows that played on Nickelodeon around the same time. Think of it as a retro remix or a bootleg Saturday morning broadcast.

My very first Nick video and I鈥檓 proud of it honestly! I can鈥檛 believe Rugrats and Rocket Power survive the copyright checks for me despite already on the website. Originally Spongebob was added but had to delete cause the video got blocked in the US and KaBlam! wasn鈥檛 gonna make the cut but I kinda wanted this compilation to be longer than just an hour sooo I had to improvise. Until that time, I hope you have as much fun watching this video as I did assembling it.

If you see Youtube ads (not commercials) on this video, it's because this video was copyright claimed by a variety of different companies, who chose to run ads on my video and take the profit. I have no say in that matter, and make no money from Youtube. I'd recommend installing an ad blocker like ublock if you're on a device where that's possible.

This video is explicitly NOT made for children. The intended audience for this video (and others like it) are adults who are nostalgic for Saturday morning cartoons that they grew up with, and a cursory glance through the comments of this video (and others like it) will show that most the people watching it are adults.

Rugrats - S4E03 - Vacation Special
Rocket Power - S4E06 - New Girl on The Block/After Shocked
All That - S1E06 - Aaliyah
Pelswick - S1E04 - Brain Suckers of Skuldeth 5
KaBlam! - S2E05 - Taste Like Paper

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