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"አዳዲስ የወጡ-Ethiopian Trending music mix in 2023-#dj_lax "
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Hello to everyone. My name is Dj Lax, and I'm here to tell you about this channel. This channel delivers music DJ mixes for parties, weddings, birthdays, events, and many more, as well as mashups, entertainment, and music production instructions tailored specifically for Ethiopians. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us via the social media links provided below. Thank you for subscribing. If you haven't already, now is the moment.

🙏ሰላም እንኳን ወደዚ ቻናል በሰላም መጣቹ በዚህ ቻናል የተለያዩ የ ሃገር ውስጥ እና የ ውጭ ሃገር ሙዚቃዎችን ባማረ መልኩ በ ዲጄ ተሰርተው ይቀርባሉ፣ በፈለጉት አይነት መርጫዎን ያማከሉ ማለትም ለ ፓርቲ፣ ለ ሰርግ፣ ለ ልደት፣ ለ ኮንሰርት እና ሌሎች በተጨማሪም በዚህ ቻናል የ ሙዚቃ ቅንብር እና ለ ዲጄዎች የሚሆኑ ምርጥ ምርጥ ትምህርቶች (Tutorial) ይቀርባሉ።
🤝ስለመጡ እናመሰግናለን አስታየት ጥያቄ ካሎት ከታች ባሉት መሃበራዊ ገጾች ያገኙናል.

🥂ሰብስክራይብ በማረግ ቤተሰብ መሆን እንዳይረሱ።

🔥DON'T CLICK THIS 👉 https://bit.ly/3EGsIRi

✍️TELEGRAM:🫴🏿 https://t.me/jolax7

🍟TIKTOK: 🫴🏿 https://bit.ly/3XjfdOH

📱FACEBOOK: 🫴🏿 https://bit.ly/3tGvpfa

📸INSTAGRAM:🫴🏿 https://bit.ly/3EHj4h3

💎my new channel @dj_lax

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