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Tiara Andini - Flip It Up (Official Music Video)

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Tiara Andini’s official music video for single ‘Flip It Up’
Download and Stream : https://lnk.to/TiaraAndiniFlipItUpVD
#TiaraAndini #FlipItUp #HyukShin

Composed by: Hyuk Shin(153/Joombas), ByHVN(153/Joombas), Rosanna Ener(153/Joombas)
Arranged by: ByHVN(153/Joombas)
Stereo Mix by: Matthew Sim
Mastered by: Kwon Nam Woo@ 821 Sound Mastering

Music Video:
PH: EUIS Studio
Producer: Ade Yason
Line pro & Finance: Keisha
Production Assistant: Matius Triwibowo
Director: Timo
Astrada: James Christian
DOP: David Montolalu
Camera assist: Ahmad "Kemed" Maulana
Gaffer: Saemi
Best boy: Siptin, Ahmad, Ivan, Jeri, Unyil, Peaceman
Prod design: James Christian
Art Director: James Chritian
Assistant art director: Keisha Ardaneswari
Stylist: Fabery
Makeup Artist: Vani Sagita
Assistant MUA: Inggani Masitha
Hairstylist: Priskilla Silvia
BTS: Darien FD
PU: Acong
Post Production by EUIS studio
Offline Editor: Timo
Online Editor: Timo
Retouched by: Saemi
Choreographer: Ufa Sofura
Dancers: Maggie, Venia, Chelsea, Juliet

Get in close with Tiara Andini:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tiaraandini/
YouTube: https://lnk.to/TiaraAndini/youtube
TikTok: https://lnk.to/TiaraAndini/tiktok
Twitter: https://twitter.com/initiaraandini
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TiaraIdol10/

I’ll let you say 1
but if you say 2
I’m counting to 3
and I’m coming for you
and if you run
I’ll know you like games
don’t you be shy
cause I’m coming your way
and all you haters you can say what you wanna
I rise higher when you say my name
I don’t care about the rumors or drama
huh, imma be fine baby I’m okay

flying by the haters when I drive
I go vroom vroom vroom
sending you a message when I ride

I put my middle finger up
I flip it up, I flip it up, uhh

I go, ladidadida ladidadida ladidadida ladidadida ladidadida
I flip it up, I flip it up

Verse 2:
imma do me
I’m better than you
keep running your mouth
but you know it ain’t true
don’t care what you say
cause when you name me
imma be famous
just wait and you’ll see

don’t you get me all wrong
just get out of my way
I’ve been rocking it since day one
I know I’m not a saint
baby I’m up high
so don’t you waste my time
cause all you haters can hate me now but I’m never gonna change

I’m not gonna fake it so I’ll say it to your face
if you don’t get the message then I’ll say it once again
if you step on my pride
then watch me when I fly
I’m rising up and then I put
my middle finger high

Official Music Video by Tiara Andini performing Flip It Up © 2023 Universal Music Indonesia

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