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‘Nick Jr. Boo Fest’ 🎃 Halloween Music Video w/ PAW Patrol, Sunny Day, Blaze & More!

1 Views· 09/11/23
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Trick or treat! It’s almost Halloween and Nick Jr. invites preschoolers to celebrate with ‘Nick Jr. Boo Fest!’ 🎃 Get excited for this somewhat kooky and (not so) spooky celebration by watching this Halloween original music mashup video. It features some of your favorite Nick Jr. cartoon characters all dressed up in costumes and disguises like PAW Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Shimmer and Shine, Nella the Princess Knight, Rusty Rivets, and Sunny Day!Help your child learn the words so they can sing-along and BOO-gie down to this Halloween song. Want even MORE Nick Jr. Boo Fest? Find Halloween games and a collection of Halloween kids videos when you download the FREE Nick Jr. App or go to NickJr.com! 🍂 🕸 🍁 🍭


Everybody's coming out to the Boo Fest
Dragons, witches, bumblebees
Spooky's what it's all about at the Boo Fest
So give it up for Halloween

(Boo!) We've got disguises
(Boo!) Rides and surprises
(Boo!) We've got it all at the Boo Fest, Boo Fest
(Boo!) An ice cream Sunny
A dancing dino-mummy
(Boo!) Come have a ball at the Boo Fest, Boo Fest, Boo Fest, BOO FEST!

Got a pumpkin patch and a wild hayride
A haunted house with a salon inside
Monsters and Monster Machines
Now scream! (Aaaagh!) It's Halloween!

(Boo!) We've got some hair tricks
(Boo!) And pups with broomsticks
(Boo!) We've got it all at the Boo Fest, Boo Fest
(Boo!) This place is jumpin'
Watch out for flying pumpkins
(Boo!) Come have a ball at the Boo Fest, Boo Fest, Boo Fest, BOO FEST!

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